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Your hosts

We welcome you to the Hotel Kaiserhof in Eisenach. The hosts and the dedicated team around the Kaiserhof are always at your side during your stay with words and deeds, because the well-being of our guests is very important to us!

Your hosts

Dear guests,

read on this page more about the 100-year history of our house, which has experienced several historical and political epochs.


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The imperial court impoverished after the great inflation in 1929 and was brought with much trouble by the war. Here he last served the Russian Kommandantur as accommodation. This was followed by the expropriation and the integration into the HO, which is Germany's strongest trading organization. However, here too the hotel did not gain a shower of gold and certainly not with the new name Parkhotel. This was to replace, as it was no longer allowed the emperor to replace the beautiful old name.

Not only that more and more rooms were used as an office, last the whole first floor, but also the missing repairs led to the decay of the once so beautiful hotel. This could not change the addition of the opposite building as a bed house. This too fell.

However, in the memories of the Eisenachers, the Parkhotel remains a place of encounter, festivity and dance. Daily the restaurants and bars were busy. In the rooms, which are now used as a breakfast room and lobby, there were two dance halls where combos from Hungary were constantly playing dance.

But the phrase "Good evening, come in" from the wait staff to supposed and genuine western guests, with the right currency in their pockets, has frustrated many citizens.

But then, after the reunification in 1989, it was a stroke of luck for the battered building that Mr. Nicholas Miller from Wuppertal buried the burden. Not only the complete reconstruction in Laura Ashlay style with English furniture was successfully completed until 1993, but a dream of Alfred Franke came true. Now the last stage of construction has been tackled and the gap between the hotel and Nicolaitor, the only preserved medieval city gate of Eisenach, closed. The new facilities have also expanded the hotel services with a barber, cosmetics and sauna with massage.

The hotel guest can now finally dry, the Thüringen now well-known and popular Turmschänke reach the fabulous dungeon and let yourself be pampered like Lindau, Reger and Scholz with fine food and the wonderful Thuringian wines.

Take a look at what has happened in more than 100 years of history. We look forward to your visit and always have recommendations ready that will bring you the interesting history of Eisenach.


Your Hosts


Daisy Miller & Jan-Phillip Miller

Our History

Historical sequence of the hotel Kaiserhof Eisenach


As a new building under the name Kaiserhof by Gustav Franke opened. It was one of the most modern hotels, which also had a garage.


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1945 Renamed Parkhotel, as there should be no more Kaiser.1967Last comprehensive renovation on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the Wartburg.1991Nicholas Miller acquires the hotel from the Trust. His grandfather was owner of the Eisenacher Hotel Rautenkranz from 1890 to 1920, from which a preferred interest in the Wartburg city was present.1992Start of construction in the Parkhotel by more than 30 companies with total renovation of the old building in English style. All rooms are equipped with bath or shower, WC, hairdryer, satellite TV, telephone and minibar. Furthermore, the former restaurant rooms on the first floor will be transformed into a spacious hotel lobby with a bar and fireplace and two representative conference rooms.1993 Reopening under the original name "Hotel Kaiserhof".1993 Closing of the gap between old building and city gate with three shops on the ground floor, sauna area with massage, hairdresser, beauty salon.1993 Closing of the gap between old building and city gate with three shops on the ground floor, sauna area with massage, hairdresser, beauty salon.1994 Renovation of the historic wine restaurant "Turmschänke" with a guest room in the Nicolaitor, the only surviving city gate from the Middle Ages.


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